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The online financial system that makes it easy to control your finances, whether it's your personal finances, a family, a cultural association, a community of neighbors, a property administrator, a freelancer, a company, etc. the possibilities for use are endless


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  • Privacy of your data

    We want our users to be team members. We have no intention of showing you advertising, we don't study you, we don't sell your data to third parties, we don't want to know your spending patterns to try to sell you other services. Our only interest is to offer you a simple and useful money control system.

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  • Collaborative work

    You can work sharing the same information among several users. You only have to create the guests you need in your accounting, with the access profile you want: observer, collaborator or manager. At any time you can revoke the access of your guests, as well as change their access profile.

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  • Multi-accounting

    Once registered as a user of the application, you can create as many accounts as you need to control different monetary environments. In your private user area you will have the list of accounts to which you have access, both those you own and those you are a guest. In the accounts you own, you will be able to create as many guests as you need.

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  • Import data from your bank

    Import movements from your bank in a private and secure way, without having to provide us with your password to your bank, as with other applications, which are very convenient to use, but study all your data. In our system it is as simple as downloading from your bank a spreadsheet with the movements that you want and import it into your accounting.

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  • Your information always available

    Your data is available anytime, anywhere, and you can easily export your reports and movements to a spreadsheet. This way you can have a backup of your movements in your private computer, or you can work with the extracted data in an office software to make presentations, documents, etc.

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  • Control your receipts and payments

    Create your own list of people and companies with whom you exchange money, customers and suppliers in the case of a company, which will allow you to discover very valuable information so you can control your money, such as knowing the total amount of money you charge or pay to a certain person or company.


Family economy

The house, the children, the food, the car, the dog... what a lot of expenses there are in a family, why not keep a shared accounting with your partner? It would allow you to have total control of the family's income and expenses, and thus be able to save for that trip you want so much.

Group of friends

How many times have you made a trip with friends where you all put some money in common and then it is a mess to keep track of what was spent... here you have the solution, create an accounting and allow access to all friends, to control all common income and expenses.

Neighborhood community

Imagine having an accounting always accessible to all the neighbors of a community of owners, managed by the president or administrator of the community, and in which all the neighbors can see how the community money is spent. How many problems would be avoided.


The life of a self-employed person is already hard enough with business management, without making it even more complicated with accounting management, which is why you usually hire an accounting advisor, but... why don't you create your own online accounting and allow access to your accountant to manage it? This way, your accounting will always be the same even if you change your accountant.

Accounting advice

Your way of life is accounting, you have great knowledge and many clients whose accounting you manage. You often complain about how complex and expensive common accounting programs are. You are thinking about innovating your business but you can't find the right tool... Can you imagine being able to offer your clients access to their accounting in real time and in an easily understandable format?


The temple to accounting: a huge number of movements, many people managing different information, different departments... the kingdom of the most famous accounting programs, so expensive and complex. Have you not thought about trying other alternatives? An online system with easy user management? For a certain type of company, so much complexity may not be necessary to control money.


A small team with great values

We believe that on the Internet you can not only have fun accessing your favorite entertainment sites, but you can also access services that have a practical use in your daily life. We all perceive that it is becoming more and more common to access the bank online to manage personal finances, and in a related way we want to offer you a service independent from your bank, which will provide you with a great utility in controlling your money.

There are projects on the Internet that arise from the collaboration of some developers to try to offer a solution to the needs of users. This is one of those projects on the net, in which its creators dedicate their technical knowledge, their own resources and time that they practically do not have, to develop an idea in which they believe.

The founder and current director of this project is Javier Arias, an expert in Information Systems with more than 15 years of experience in multiple computer systems and in several technological multinationals such as IBM or Telefónica, with whom you can consult any doubt through the contact form.


This project is developed in Madrid (Spain) and does not have a work office, since the team is distributed in their private homes and in any quiet and pleasant cafeteria where they can hold a work meeting. Any question regarding this project is answered in the following form, which we will try to answer as soon as possible.

The possessor of wealth does not make him happy by having it, but by spending it, and not by spending it however he wants, but by knowing how to spend it.